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Eye Controller

This soft sponge tip feels just like the touch of a finger.
Smooth Fit Shadow Four colors of powder eye shadow contains an abundance of pearl for deep and beautiful eyes.
Two Color Eye shadow A set of pearly light shade and mat dark shade for natural and sophisticated eyes.
Makes your eye shadow hold better and last longer in a single stroke.

CEZANNE Eye Controller

Orange Beige
Orange Beige

An eye shadow primer which covers the imperfections such as fine wrinkles, sagginess or dryness caused by aging and help eye shadow work better.

Velvety texture:
 Conceals with soft cream shadows caused by wrinkles and saggy skin on the eyelids and make the skin surface smooth.
Orange beige:
 Covers dullness and brightens up the skin.
Moisturizing ingredient contained:
 Hyaluronic acid and Jojoba oil contained. Leaves skin around the eyes, which is vulnerable to dryness, feeling soft and moist.

<How to use>

After applying foundation, use it before eye shadow or eyeliner. Take a small amount on the tip applicator and blend well on the eyelids using a gentle touch.

<Where to buy>

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